This game is about organizing colors together. As you progress there will be more colors and more places to put them.


Balls can only be placed on top of other balls that match.

Put all the balls of a color into a single column.

When all columns have the correctly sorted ball colors, you win!

Every level is solvable due to the mathematical proof that says any number of transfers can be used to get to any state when only two additional containers are used.

Development log


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This is a nice game, but maybe the luminosity of the balls should vary a bit. Human vision is better at telling luminosities apart than chromas, and with the colors being so similar, the balls get difficult to tell apart. I imagine this game being unplayable for a colorblind.

Open to suggestions! Do you have examples or an article about what good luminosities might be?

I can also look into adding other properties to the balls to make them better for colorblind players

I don't know of any good articles. I just repeat what I've been told. Just making objects have different luminosities seems to make an significant impact in most cases I've tried. I recommend a bit of experimentation.